Sun Yat Sen Garden Wedding - Alex and Linda

NOTE: All photographs were taken while on seconding assignment for Ivory + Gold Photography. Thanks, Juliette!!

A little while ago, while it was freezing cold in December, I had the chance to document Vietnamese wedding with my friends Juliette. There was a lot of food and a lot of laughter and a lot of fantastic moments. For me, the best moment was capturing the groom Alex showing off the ring he put on his bride’s finger earlier that day just as they were making their entrance into the reception. Epic.

We started at the bride’s house, where family and friends partook in an amazing meal. After they loaded into the party bus, we made our way to Sun Yat Sen Gardens and finally to a reception at a Chinese restaurant in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

For this series, I decided to portray this wedding entirely in Black and White. I’ve had requests where people were looking for colour but once they saw the black and white photos, they were pleasantly surprised and in some cases, wished there were more! Black and White photography, to me, is not the absence of colour. It’s seeing something in abstract. It’s taking away the distraction of hues and saturations so you can focus on shape, expressions and personalities.

Full Gallery below: