Lighthouse Park Wedding Portrait Session (Behind The Scenes) for Yinger Fotokrafie

A while ago, I had the opportunity to work with Yinger at Yinger Fotokrafie as a secondary shooter and also a Behind The Scenes photographer. This photoshoot was entirely orchestrated by Yinger but I was able to capture and document some of the going-ons behind the scenes that made the photoshoot amazing for this couple. Huge thank to Yinger Forokrafie for having me on! All of the photographs here (I believe) were shot on beautiful 35mm film, my favorite photographic medium.

After some hectic running with all of my cameras on me (PS: If you ever need an extreme workout session, become a photographer and run through the trails of North Vancouver to catch up with a bride and groom, I found Yinger and the bride and groom and the makeup artist standing around the rocks at Lighthouse Park, preparing to pose together and be photographed. At one point, we saw the Coast Guard come rushing towards us in a boat and once they were within earshot they shouted “CONGRATULATIONS!” Ha ha.

My documentary approach tends to lend itself to find moments and create deep and beautiful photographs from them. That’s what did on this photoshoot. I probably also burned hundreds of calories in the process too.