Single Tree Winery Abbotsford Wedding - Kevin and Julie

As I was looking back at the photographs I had made of Kevin and Julie’s wedding, I suddenly remembered how much raw emotion there was at this wedding. It wasn’t always evident everywhere (it wasn’t everyone bursting into tears! That would be interesting) but definitely amidst all the hustle and bustle that is usual to a wedding day, I saw and documented the love and passion Kevin and Julie had (and still have) for each other and the love that their friends and family had for them. It was a mixture of laughter, embarrassing stories and also of tears of joy. Amidst it all, I was there documenting individual moments that were happening throughout the day, from Julie getting ready at their newly-built home through to Kevin’s first look at Julie and later on to a beautiful ceremony and also reception at the Single Tree Winery in Abbotsford.

I recall ending that night and saying goodnight to everyone, packing my bags and making my way back to my car. However, as I took some steps away from the wedding tent, I saw the summer night sky with the stars glistening above. I took a photo of it (which you can see at the end of the blog post) and the wedding tent to close out on a series of photographs I had made that day documenting the amazing joy and laughter that was happening that day.

As per my usual approach to weddings, I did not do a lot of posing nor any guidance of many of the events happening (other than the formal photographs of family/friends and of the bridal party). I was there as a documentarian and an observer of all that was happening. To be able to take part in people’s lives and create these genuine and authentic moment photographs is a dream come true for me.