Deer Lake Burnaby Wedding - Andrew and Alyssa (Seconding Assignment with Natahsha Priya)

I think I've forgotten how to write.

Years of ICQ, MSN Messenger and working in the business district has made my creative writing skills change to just "writing skills". I used to write hahaha to explain my laughter. Nowadays, it's LOL. And for the younger kids, I think LOL isn't even cool anymore.

These days though I'm very thankful. I'm very thankful for photography. I feel like photography is my way of writing to the world once again. It's my way of telling you all about what happened without having to type it in many words (And trust me, I can get long-winded) or fit it into 140 max character text messages or tweets. It's a way of communicating and expressing my eyes and heart to you in a way that words perhaps may never be able to capture. Thanks photography.

It is photography that has allowed me to get assignments such as these. Natasha Priya asked me to second shoot for her at Andrew and Alyssa's wedding and I was very happy to take it on. It was a day filled with laughter, emotion, some real cheesy puns and some Tim Hortons... oh and the limo broke down! In the end, though, the day went smoothly, Andrew and Alyssa tied the knot and I gained a couple more friends than I had before.