A Documentary Photosession for Tallie the Cat and Her Owners

Tallie is a gentle dark grey and white adopted cat who lives with her owners Tyler and Elizabeth. I actually knew Tyler from way back in high school so when he answered the door, we kind of looked at each other and said "Aren't you from Pinetree??".

A prior conversation with Elizabeth gave me the story of Tallie. While initially a dog person, Elizabeth fell in love with Tallie and soon became a cat person (cats tend to do that to us... hehe). I can't recall the reason why Tallie was in the shelter but that's where Elizabeth found her. Tallie was a mother of some kittens at the shelter but as the kittens were soon adopted off, Tallie was left all alone. Elizabeth wanted to adopt a cat that would have a tough time finding a home and found Tallie at the shelter, who approached Elizabeth and they instantly bonded. I found Tallie to be a shy cat but after a few moments of walking in and around the place, Tallie got used to the commotion in her home that was me and my various clattering cameras.

Our documentary photosession was a very laid back session of Scrabble, coffee and sneaking around so as not to startle Tallie the cat. Tallie would sit in the Scrabble box, laze around in front of the fire place and prance lightly across the floor as Elizabeth and Tyler played an afternoon Scrabble game.