A Documentary Photosession for Tallie the Cat and Her Owners

A Documentary Photosession for Tallie the Cat and Her Owners

…A prior conversation with Elizabeth gave me the story of Tallie. While initially a dog person, Elizabeth fell in love with Tallie and soon became a cat person (cats tend to do that to us... hehe). I can't recall the reason why Tallie was in the shelter but that's where Elizabeth found her. Tallie was a mother of some kittens at the shelter but as the kittens were soon adopted off, Tallie was left all alone. Elizabeth wanted to adopt a cat that would have a tough time finding a home and found Tallie at the shelter, who approached Elizabeth and they instantly bonded. I found Tallie to be a shy cat but after a few moments of walking in and around the place, Tallie got used to the commotion in her home that was me and my various clattering cameras.

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My Unique Cat

I don't post a lot of photos of my cat as I figured that there's a bazillion other cat photographs  on the internet. However, Hikari has a special place in our hearts as he's been quite a spunky yet affectionate cat. Originally abandoned on a farm, the CARES Cat Shelter in Langley found him and took him in. We were the lucky ones to be adopted by this very personable cat and he has since taken a big spot in our lives ... and our hearts :)

Hikari is part Manx (a tail-less cat breed) and part Domestic Short Hair.