Marco and Bianca - Seconding Wedding Assignment

I have a lot of fun when I get a chance to be a second shooter at a wedding. For this wedding, I was privileged to work with Kirill Bordon Photography to create amazing memories for this amazing couple. Kirill and I are both film shooters and both have a great enjoyment for the medium we use. Film is fun and we love the results that we get to give to our clients.

As a documentary photographer who loves using film, I brought along my Leica M6 with a 35mm F1.2 lens to photograph all the activities and even the quiet moments. No sooner than a few minutes into the shoot did I find myself in a very, very dark basement area where the groomsmen proceeded to change into their suits. I thought to myself: "Wow, it's... really dark in here." At this point, I was very tempted to use flash but it's very important in my work that I don't disturb the situation or environment around me and so I just worked with the light that was there. Looking at the images now, I see how that was a good decision as it really captures the true feeling and lighting of the day for Marco and, later on, for Bianca. The flash came out a little bit for the reception but otherwise I left it in the bag. While I don't really credit my equipment often for the images, I would say that the Leica rangefinder camera system (with my Japanese-made Cosina Voigtlander F1.2 lens) and Ilford HP5 400 black and white film was a definite advantage and the combination was able to really grab the photographs I envisioned from the darkness (and the lightness later on) as I clicked the shutter. Thank you Map Camera in Shinjuku, Tokyo for hooking me up with this awesome camera back in 2014!

My day started with Marco at his family home, where I met the little ring bearer who loved to mug for the camera and the fellow groomsmen. Being around the groom and the groomsmen took me back to my own wedding where, a few hours prior to the ceremony and amidst all the chaos and nervousness, I felt this camaraderie with the guys who were with me. There's something to be said about having your fellow "bros" with you as you take a big step in your life to marry the one you love.

Also, Marco's best man was his father. :)

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Oh yeah, I should mention that I also brought along a Polaroid Land camera for some fun. The couple and the bridal party LOVED the results! You GOTTA LOVE PRINTS!!