Documentary Photosession Burnaby - Stephen and Danielle

The "Day In The Life" Documentary Photosession is something I am now offering to you all!

Regardless of where you may be in life, I enjoy creating photographs that tell a real authentic story of who you are and photographing true life moments. This is quite different from sessions whereby you are posed and asked to "stand there" and "say cheese". I leave directing to a minimum.

The images below were taken of my friends Stephen and Danielle and they were true moments of that Saturday when I was photographing them. I remember meeting Danielle a few years ago at a Worship Conference at Broadway Church and would later meet Stephen through her. We would later bump into each other at Tenth Church whereupon we would find out that we were very very close neighbours (not like next door neighbours but just a few streets down - walking distance) and we both had cats! I discussed with them of the idea of having a "Day In the Life" Documentary Photosession and they were totally up for it! 

Upon arriving that day, I did not give them much direction (although, thank you for the coffee, Stephen!) and proceeded to photograph them. After having an amazingly prepared breakfast, Danielle and Stephen travelled to New Westminster to an amazing poutine and maple ice cream shop and then would end their outing meandering through a local thrift shop together.

In all, items were bought, ice cream was tasted and Danielle and Stephen shared their morning with me.

The gallery below may take a few moments to allow for all the images to load. Thanks for waiting!