If “predictable” and “staged” aren’t on your dream list, I’m the photographer you’re looking for.

You’ve thought, dreamed, and planned it all down to the last detail. But part of the beauty of your wedding is its unpredictability. You don’t know who’ll cry when you walk down the aisle (it might be you). You don’t know what surprise your to-be spouse may have in store, how your mom and dad will look at each other when you’re reciting your vows, or who might bust out Gangnam Style dance moves during the reception.

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I document those unplanned moments so you won’t miss a thing—not the look on your face when he slides the ring on your finger, how he looks at you when you’re throwing your head back in laughter, how your flower girls giggled while you were reciting your vows, or the way your dad teared up when he watched you walk back down the aisle.

When you're deep in the emotion of your wedding day, I’ll be just as in the moment as you are. And you get the photographs to prove it.

Unposed. Unscripted. Unbelievably you, documented in beautiful prints that give you the sense of how it felt to be there when it happened. 

Until now, your story has never been told like this.

I believe that documentary photographs (see FAQ below) are the most authentic, honest way to create a story in every image. Because when you’re trying to act like who you think you should be, you’re not being true to who you really are.

So what’s the best way to capture that? I’m invisible as much as I can be, letting you be exactly who you are so you can see how you look when you’re gazing at him dreamily, chatting it up with your college bestie, or having a heart-to-heart with grandma. It does indeed go by in a blur, so I blend in to the background to capture all the things that happen in your periphery — until we need to organize group shots or formal portraits.

Am I the one for you?

I approach your wedding like the newsworthy event that it is by documenting it like a photojournalist. Beyond candids, I anticipate scenes and am constantly looking for special moments. I don’t construct images by posing you or your guests—and this ensures that your wedding album won’t be filled with typical and formulaic photos that could be replicated in any other wedding.

Your wedding isn’t like anyone else’s; your photographs shouldn’t be, either.

So if you like open and honest displays of emotion and are more into the classics than the latest fad, we should chat. Once we know we’re in sync, we’ll book your date and discuss the details of your engagement session. Collaborating with the two of you to come up with just the right feeling in those photographs is my favourite; we’ll work together, get creative, and make the session personal and meaningful to you. I worked with a groom-to-be who hid love notes throughout a bookstore for his fiancée to find, and in between, I photographed their spontaneous responses. Or if a nautical theme floats your boat, I’ve done that, too. It’s a relaxed session that allows you to let your creativity flow, and for us to get to know each other photographically.

On your big day, I’ll be there from the moment you start getting ready until you’ve cut the cake and are tearing it up on the dance floor (and beyond, if you’d like*). Because your wedding is as individual as you are, I offer three packages:

Package 1:

For the couple who wants the goods, just a little less of my time:

·      6 hours of wedding coverage

·      1–2 hr. Documentary Photosession**

·      Print quality 4x6 final images (proofs)

·      Digital downloads of your final images

Package 2:

If you’re planning a longer ceremony, have a large guest list, or just can’t resist dancing to one more song:

·      9 hours of wedding coverage

·      1–2 hr. Documentary Photosession**

·      Print quality 4x6 final images (proofs)

·      Digital downloads of your final images

Package 3:

For the couple who wants it all: 

·      11 hours of wedding coverage

·      8x10 Storybook album with 100 images on premium archival paper

·      1–2 hr. Documentary Photosession**

·      Print quality 4x6 final images (proofs)

·      Digital downloads of your final images

**A Documentary Photosession is different from an Engagement Session. Instead of spending all the time posing you, I follow you and your fiancee on a date and capture you as things happen :)

Custom Packages

Don’t see exactly what you were hoping for? No worries (you’ve got plenty of other things to think about!). Send me a message and we’ll talk about designing a custom package so you can have exactly what your heart desires.

What You Get

Within 4–8 weeks of your wedding, you’ll receive a selection of 4x6 prints. The images you receive are my selects; the crème de la crème of your wedding photographs.
Once you’ve selected your favourites, we’ll collaborate on an album: you pick 100–150 images, and I’ll design an album just for you.

The album is truly the best part of the package. I know digital files are important, but it’s also important that you have something to put on your shelf. Too many people just store the files away on a computer and that’s it. I want you to pull that album out and look at it not just on your anniversary, but on a random Tuesday and any other time you want to see your story.


I’m a die-hard believer in the lost art of the tangible; stumbling upon a VHS tape in the attic doesn’t hold quite the same wonder as finding your great-grandmother’s wedding album, and poring over it while you lose track of time. With ever-changing advancements in technology, prints are your legacy; they’re the pieces of you that are left behind to show you were here. Happy. Celebrating. Creating your family history.

Beyond albums, I can help you choose the best prints to display in your home. You really are your best work of art—and you should see that, every day.

I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC, but will happily come to wherever you exchange vows (additional fees required).

If you want your real wedding story told, let’s talk.

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A Perfect Match for Us

A Perfect Match for Us

“Jon's passion for documentary-style photography as well as his love for the art of photography suited our goals well. Jon's discrete attentiveness also enables him to pick up on little things that add depth to the memories captured in his photos.”

— Stanley and Jen, Burnaby Alliance Church + Westwood Plateau Golf Course, Burnaby

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Jonathan was wonderful to work with. He brings great creativity to his work, he is flexible and he listens to your needs. It was a great experience. Not only are his creativity and photography skills reflected in our beautiful photos, but his warmth, patience and kindness just made our cherished day extra special!

- Nick and Dayna, Hotel Blu and Brix & Mortar, Yaletown


What is documentary style photography?
Also known as "photojournalism" or “reportage,” it’s an artful approach to photograph your wedding with you being (mostly) unaware of the camera. Simply put, it's when a photographer senses, anticipates, and documents moments without changing the scene. In my experience, people look naturally best on their own without being told when and how to look.   

What about formal (posed) photographs?
Your wedding album wouldn’t be complete without portraits of the two of you, formal group photographs, the wedding party, parents, and immediate family. We’ll work together to determine which formal photographs you want to include, and discuss the details of when and where to make those happen.  

What’s the difference between film and digital?
I use both film and digital cameras, but I find that film is particularly beautiful for skin tones (and so do my brides). Part of the reason why I’m crazy about black and white is the quality that film gives it; it can’t quite be digitally replicated. Film also provides a greater creative palette overall. And for me, not having an LCD screen on the back of the camera keeps me alert and in the moment so I don’t miss the moments that make your wedding extraordinary.  


Do you only shoot black and white or can I have colour images? 
I believe there’s something incurably romantic and timeless about black and white; it’s more like a still from a classic movie than just photography. It’s why it’s my preference, and why I’m so passionate about prints. But colour also has its place, and I usually shoot each wedding 50/50.


Is it just you or will there also be a second photographer?  
I typically work by myself because I find the collaboration we build together works best. But I’ll work with a second shooter if there’s a need for one, whether you have a large wedding party, a large venue, or if I feel that you’d be best served by having two photographers present at your wedding.


What else should I know about you? 
There are more details about who I am and why I do what I do on my About page. 


Get in touch to find out more about how to tell your wedding story.