If your search for a wedding photographer feels like an endless, scrolling jumble of forgettable photographs that fade into one after another, I can rescue you from that sea of sameness. 

I’m Jonathan Desmond, a documentary wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver, BC.

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I haven’t always known that I wanted to be a photographer, but I’ve always known that I like the human-ness of relationships. The idea began to form after attending so many weddings of my friends and family. I noticed that my eye was drawn to all the little moments; those points of connection and emotion that happen between, after, and among the posed portraits. I fell in love with the honesty of candids and the way people look when they don’t know anyone’s looking.

This became even clearer to me in 2007 when I photographed a friend's wedding. As I was editing the images, I saw the one that made me know that this is what I wanted to do. It was sincere. It was real. It was classic. And that moment would never happen exactly like that again. I knew then that I wanted to give that to others.

Since then, I’ve learned that street photography and wedding photography are similar in that the best photos stem from being aware and watching for the story to unfold. I’ve been challenged with photographing large groups in small rooms, and found the solution in climbing a ladder and photographing them from above (and it was one of the bride’s favourite photos!). I’ve found that when it seems the moment’s over, to wait — because that’s when the magic happens.

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Pictures That Knocked Our Socks Off

We had our pick of the best of Vancouver and met with several of the best-known, award-winningest wedding photographers in the city. In the end, Jonathan came out as our first choice. He unobtrusively captured a lot of great, intimate, documentary-moments as well as posed photo shots with friends and family. I couldn't
recommend him more highly.

– Jesse and Patricia, Heritage Hall on Main Street, Vancouver

One of the things I repeatedly hear from my clients is that I immerse myself in a scene to capture a sliver of time that might otherwise go unnoticed, and that I do it in a way that’s unobtrusive. Those words are like music to my ears. I want you to have your dream photographs, and I’ve found the best way to create those is to maneuver through your wedding day like a stealthy guest, quietly moving in the background to ultimately show you big and small elements of your day that make it uniquely yours. I want you to see just how magnificent your story is, one image at a time.

I’ve worked with dozens of brides and grooms and in various venues and continue to hone in on the unexpected, looking for the moments that are emotional and meaningful. I don’t simply photograph the exchanges between you that happen in an instant; I document the emotion behind them. 

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Absolute Confidence in Our Choice

We were impressed by Jonathan’s ability to capture the candid moments and the rich colours of his photography. With his ability to really hear the aesthetic we were going for, we were able to have a set of photos that were fun, creative and that instantly conjure the precious memories of our special occasion.

- Ross and Lynn

I believe that entire stories happen in an instant and that the moments of your life are pure art. I believe a photograph isn’t complete until it’s printed; holding an image is as intimate as holding your partner’s hand. And I believe that God knows exactly what He’s doing when He brings and man and woman together in matrimony. It’s an honour and a privilege that I get to be there to document it. 

Photography trends and fads come and go. But quality, emotional photography will always remind you of exactly who you were at that moment in time. And you should never forget that.

If you want to see your real wedding story, let’s talk.