Whonnock Lake Wedding - Kevin and Lindsay - Seconding for Jody Nay

I remember driving up to this farm in Maple Ridge and seeing sheep. Being a "city-slicker" this excited me greatly. I don't see sheep very often. Maybe a cat?

There's not much I can really say in words about this wedding that my photos won't mention but perhaps I can give you a brief outline: I met Kevin and his groomsmen and photographed them getting ready in a little house on this farm in Maple Ridge. Jody Nay and I photographed the first look of Kevin seeing Lindsay as his bride-to-be and it was an amazing moment followed by champagne and walking out into the farm field.

We made our way to the Whonnock Lake Centre where Kevin and Lindsay would formally tie the knot amidst a crowd of their friends and family and with a cute little flower girl who wanted to sing a song to the bride and groom (there was also some crying but kids will be kids!). There was Canadian and Australian banter going about, a shoe game and of course dancing... and a lot of smiling faces and we all celebrated in Kevin and Lindsay's wedding.