Being There In Chinatown

I've grown to like Chinatown. It has it's character, it's charm, it's personality. I try my best to document as much of it as I can every time I'm in the area. While Chinatown is still quite vibrant in some ways, in other ways it is still an old shell of it's former self. It is unfortunate to see the "For Lease" signs in various place and hoping this continuous project will bring light to this great little area in Vancouver that has much more history than I could ever imagine.

The images above were mostly taken during a Summer festival that occurred in Chinatown (over a weekend I believe). Other images were my documentary observations of Chinatown when I visited.

Below are a set of images that I had taken inside a little shop called "Chinese Art Crafts". One of the things I've mentioned in various blog posts about Chinatown is the friendships I've developed through these projects. The people at Chinese Art Crafts are some new friends of mine. Please say hi to them if you're in the area :)