Why has the blog been quiet?

I have to apologize. My blog has been quiet for a little while. I like to update and tell visual stories and keep you folks all in the loop of where I've been and how I've been growing as a photographer. At the moment though I'm trying to re-organize all my files. My computer died. Again. And my life is thankfully not in shambles.

Technology these days is fickle (fickly?). Hard drives die at the drop of a hat. CD/DVDs suddenly become unreadable. My once-trusted PCs have kicked the bucket much earlier that I really wanted them to. I have a reliance on computers that I don't really want but kind of need to have. I guess that's the world today.

What have I learned from this? PRINT your photographs! Get prints! Make them! Create a book or something. Shoot film and create negatives :) Sure, negatives are not entirely foolproof either but once they're created properly and handled with care, I think you'll find them less of a nightmare to store through all the technology changes than my outdated CD/DVD drive... yes, computers seem not to use them anymore!

And if you store stuff on your computer, MAKE BACKUPS. Store to the Cloud. Store to a separate hard drive. Don't trust that machine to hold your data for decades. It's got years on it most likely.


Anyways, I shall be blogging soon and hope to talk to you all soon! There's many a story that I want to tell... now if only I could find that folder in my backup hard drive...