Hazelmere Golf Course - Keith and Jeanine Get Married

That morning, as I woke up, I noticed that the sun was out. This was amazing.  It was November. In Canada... on the Pacific West Coast. Just days prior, when I went to check the wedding site, it was pouring rain. That weather was expected. The sun was not. But there it was, gleaming and shining in all it's glory!

However, it was really cold. Frost was still in the air and as I made my way down to Hazelmere Golf Course, where the wedding was taking place, I could see steam clouds rising from the ground as the sun melted the cold morning dew despite the chill temperatures. Regardless, the sun was great to have that day and made for a great day to an already beautiful wedding for Keith and Jeanine.

Through a set of interesting circumstances, I got in touch with Keith and we discussed about the wedding day and expectations. Soon enough, there I was in the midst of it all, documenting the moments of Keith and friends and family decorating the room while I kept an eye on the door, looking for the limo where Jeanine would arrive. 

I think it's important to photograph an entire story. In all the images that I took during this wedding, I had in the back of my mind the idea of a story. Some photographs were taken to give a time and a place, such as the first image giving an idea of the crisp morning light when I first arrived. For the most part, I was focusing on emotions, different characters in the story and the documentary moments happening. I focus on a flow of the imagery as well so you get a sense of a "timeline". All these elements, all while balancing shooting film (if I am), composition, lighting and making great photography and the considerations of everyone in the room make the documentary approach quite a challenge but one I find fun and, many times, thrilling. 

The day went well and it was really great to spend a day with Keith and Jeanine. Friends and family came and hugged them, many had their photos taken on an Instax (Yup, I think Keith invested in an Instax camera and film to have pictures of guests in their guest book - what a great idea!!) and much laughter and socializing occurred. 

This time, I'm including some "listening" music to play as you look through the photographs :) Hope you enjoy the experience! Being a musician also, I'm quite picky when it comes to music and deciding on a sound track to match the feeling of the day is a very difficult process for me as I always feel like it has to match PERFECTLY. It adds another dimension to which I'm hoping you'll enjoy :) Courtesy of bensound.com via Creative Commons Licensing.