Street Photography September

With the sun staying out from Summer time, September turned out to be a pretty awesome month in terms of light. I took advantage of this but taking my camera with me and walking around Downtown Vancouver.

I've been contemplating putting together a book of Downtown Vancouver and the various scenes and daily moments I've seen throughout the last few years but I'd like to maybe take a few more years of photos before creating a book. 

Whenever I make photographs of the street, I consider the light, I consider the composition and I consider the moment. There have been times when I'll see an image come together (the light is great, I've got a good composition of everything) but the moment I raise my camera, it's gone. Such is life. 

Beyond the technical awesomeness of a photograph, I really want my street photograph (or any photograph I make, for that matter) to make you think about humanity... and how beautiful a creation we are. Truly, we are beautiful. Getting it all in camera is the hard part.