Canadian Journalism Foundation: "How The Vote Was Won" Event

I don't have much to say about this event so I'll let the photographs tell the story this time. The event started with a brief reception and was then followed by Moderator Tom Clark addressing the panel of four speakers about the 2015 Election and How The Votes Were Won. Near the end, people were able to approach a microphone and ask questions of the speakers about the recent Canadian election. There were laughs, there were opinions given and there was live tweeting too! #CJFjtalk

The event was for The Canadian Journalism Foundation (

Being a photographer at these events (and with any photography work I do), I try my best to be discreet. However, at one point, my waist bag caught under the desk to the side of the stage as I was trying to leave that side of the stage to get another angle and nearly fell over. Thanks to a lot of working out of my thigh and core muscles, I was able to avoid a very distracting and NOT discreet fall... thankfully!