When It's Cold, I Go Outside - Part 1

I like to spend my time walking. Outside. Even when it's cold. 

The January before last (that is, January 2014) proved to be an especially cold January. Brisk winter air was sharp on the skin but it was still strangely sunny. I took this opportunity to take some photos and, on this rainy February day in 2016, I thought I'd share a few.

Featured in these images are the Vancouver Public Library and parts of Downtown Vancouver. Film scans done by Caribou Lab, which has now closed it's doors :(

As a documentary photographer, I'm always practicing my "eye". I'm always looking to find ways to make my images better and more impactful. The main challenge for a documentary photographer is finding these images in circumstances that are usually outside of my control. Sometimes, though... as I've learned, it's all about composing the scene and letting the action and circumstances come to you.