Irfan and Sajeda - A Muslim Wedding Assignment (Seconding for Jody Nay) - Reception

Day 3 of 3 - Reception at Swaniset

The final day of the wedding consisted of a reception at Swaniset Bay Resort and Country Club, located deep within Pitt Meadows. It was great being able to document all the people and friends and family interacting with one another. Also, there was a Lamborghini.

There were a few surprises along the way (fireworks, sparklers... did I mention, Lamborghini?) but in the midst of it all, Jody and I got to see an amazing couple celebrate their amazing (almost a week-long) wedding with those they love. 

It had been a busy and very active few days but it was a life-changing experience for me. There were a lot of first experiences (that green goop!) and I feel like I made some new friends along the way too. As I walked amongst the people and photographed, I became privy to the love between the families and embedded somewhat emotionally in their amazing story. The photographs are a recorded version of all that.