Medium Format B&W

It's been very sunny and hot here in Vancouver. However, not that long ago, it was pouring rain. During that time, I took out a medium format camera to play around for a bit (Bronica ETRS). I don't usually bring out medium format as I still prefer using 35mm (size). However, the quality with medium format is quite something. For most of my personal work, I find it a bit much to carry multiple cameras, especially a heavy medium format camera (I tried carrying two of them around the Stanley Park Sea Wall and promptly cancelled my gym membership). 

There's a whole debate I can start on this but I'll save that for another blog entry. Experimenting and playing around with different cameras gives me insight into different options to ultimately accomplish my vision, which is... really... the main goal of this whole photographic thing. I just want to make a nice photograph in the end. And for me, at least, 35mm just fits me for multiple reasons (style, native print format being wider, easier to carry, faster lenses to name a few) but the main one being... well, it just clicks with me.

Anyways, enough babble on that. If I feel the urge, I'll return to it another time and blog on it again! For now, images: