Alex and Vania’s Wedding Story

I remember one phone call I had with Alex and Vania where we were talking about the logistics of the day and Alex mentioned that they didn’t want a typical “First Look” but Vania did want to do a first look of sorts. This had me brainstorming of some potential ideas as I knew what Alex and Vania were looking for but wasn’t quite sure at first how to execute it. One evening, it came to me. On the day of the wedding, I had Vania go up one street and Alex go down another street and as the two reached the intersection of the two streets, they two bumped into each other at a street corner for their “First Look.”

Alex and Vania wanted something different for their photography. They wanted something more documentary and more about their family and friends. And while we did take some time to do portrait shots, group shots and wedding party photos, the majority of the day was spent with me doing very little interrupting or posing and instead letting things happen while I work and run around the scene to find the best and unique angles to capture some of the big moments as well as some of the little moments.

Jon was our photographer for our engagement photos and our wedding day. From the beginning, he was friendly, engaging, professional, and most importantly, we felt that he genuinely cared about capturing who we were as individuals and as a couple through the photos. Jon was very organized, planned out the logistics well ahead of time, and communicated with us regularly to discuss how our plans were coming together for the big day.

When we received our wedding photos (very promptly by the way considering he welcomed his first child a few weeks after our wedding), we were so impressed by how well he captured the soul and essence of our day. His documentary style perfectly portrayed the big and small moments that made up our day and we will always be able to re-live them through his photos. Thank you, Jon!
— Alex and Vania