Stanley and Jen’s Wedding Day

It's funny how sometime time repeats itself. It was only 6 years ago when my wife and I were married in Burnaby Alliance Church and had our reception at Westwood Plateau golf course. I was pretty stoked to get to document Stanley and Jen's wedding but even more so when I realized they'd be getting married in the same places we did! In some ways, I got to re-live the experience of my own wedding day through them. 

What made Stanley and Jen's wedding a unique experience was their dedication to God and to each other. Early on, while I was photographing their Engagement Sessionthey made it clear to me that they had not kissed prior to their wedding day. I found that prayer was a fundamental and strong part of their wedding day and it was evident that they both wanted to glorify God through their union. It was a privilege to document their first kiss, which would take place on their wedding day! This was soon followed by a tea ceremony at Westwood Plateau with family and friends around to witness this Chinese cultural event and a reception dinner that followed. 

The day ended with Jen surprising Stanley (and the rest of us) with a solo song performance, which led to their first dance and then everyone joining them on the dance floor and busting out some crazy moves. 

We were blessed to have Jonathan Desmond Photography photograph both our engagement photos and our wedding (with Juliette of Ivory and Gold seconding at our wedding). Working with Jon was a pleasure throughout both experiences.  

Early on, we determined that Jon’s passion for documentary-style photography as well as his love for the art of photography suited our goals well.  Jon has a calm, pleasant and engaging demeanor which helped to put us, our wedding party and our guests at ease by providing enough direction for everyone to know what was going on while leaving plenty of room for himself to capture the spontaneity of the day. Jon’s discrete attentiveness also enables him to pick up on little things that add depth to the memories captured in his photos. The ease of our experience with Juliette at our wedding is also a testimony of Jon’s professionalism, character and the company that he keeps.
— Stanley and Jen