Jesse and Patricia’s Wedding Day

Even though I may be "just" the photographer, my heart skips a beat when I see the bridal party arrive as their presence and their beautiful and amazing attire signals that something amazing is about to happen. A wedding day is something special for a couple and while I may not be personally involved, I'm always drawn emotionally to the amazing happenings of the day, all the intricate friend and family relationships and how everyone interacts with each other... and most importantly, how everyone comes together in one large event to witness and wish well a couple that are pronouncing their vows before God and man, followed by silly shoe games and sometimes cringe-worthy facts about their childhood brought up by well-meaning matrons of honour or best men during lively and social receptions. Jesse and Patricia's wedding was an amazing event and I was really happy to be able to be a documentarian of their special day. 

Jonathan’s photography is technically excellent and artistically inspired. He is a pleasure to interact with. Photography was a top priority for us and we shopped way way ahead. We had our pick of the best of Vancouver and met with several of the best-known, award-winningest wedding photographers in the city. In the end, Jonathan came out as our first choice.

To our surprise, our engagement shoot ended up being one of the funner dates of our relationship so far, thanks to Jonathan’s creativity and cheerful nature. Prior to the wedding day, he communicated effectively and reliably to make sure we got exactly what we wanted, and his hard-won experience and expertise put us at ease.

When it comes to wedding photos, couples want LOTS of photos, and that is what we got, but more importantly, every shot was beautifully done. He unobtrusively captured a lot of great , intimate, documentary-moments as well as take the obligatory posed photo shots with friends and family (still beautiful though!). Another plus, he did some wedding photographer-style magic with his ladder and various angles to capture all of our wedding guests in a super-tight venue space.

Turnaround for final products was within the promised time, and the pictures knocked our friends’s socks off. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
— Jesse and Patricia