Walter and Marcy - Seconding Wedding Assignment

Culture shock. That's the best way to describe it.

My day started at the Italian Center located on Slocan St and Grandview Hwy in Vancouver. This was actually my first time ever stepping into the Italian Center and it was quite an experience to be exposed to so much Italian culture in a short span of time. While photographing Walter with his groomsmen in the Italian cafe, there was ordering of pizza and cappuccinos, soccer (Italy vs... ???), a gelato freezer and an Italian flag hanging right in plain view. 

However, there was another aspect to it. Later on during the ceremony and reception, the couple stomped on the glassware (as a sign of the fragility of life), there was a blessing of bread by gentlemen wearing the kippah and at the end, there was the "hora" with the couple lifted up on chairs (there's an image of this in the gallery below). Italian songs and Jewish songs were sung all through the night (as any table that did the customary clinking of the plates/glass to get the couple to kiss had to sing a song).  Coming from an Asian background, the Jewish and Italian cultures were all very foreign to me but being able to document this wedding was a fantastic experience (culturally and photographically) that I do not regret having. To Josh Bowie Photography (the primary photog), thanks for letting me tag along on this one :)

Walter is a great guy with a big personality and Marcy is an amazing person. I got to talk to the flower girls about Avatar (The Last Airbender) too. In the midst of all this amazing-ness, I got to see two families come together in celebration a couple getting together to tie the knot and their lives together. 

Please allow a few moments for the gallery to load. Once done, it should flow pretty smooth :) Thanks!