"I don't want you to remember being photographed. I want you to remember your wedding day... this moment in the time of your lives."


Stanley and Jen's Wedding

Stanley and Jen Westwood Plateau BAC-16.jpg

I found that prayer was a fundamental and strong part of their wedding day and it was evident that they both wanted to glorify God through their union. It was a privilege to document their first kiss, which would take place on their wedding day! 

Nick and Dayna's Wedding

Nick and Dayna Wedding At Brix Restaurant-34.jpg

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Dana's Family Photosession

Documentary Family Photosession Jonathan Desmond-36.jpg

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Jonathan's photography is technically excellent and artistically inspired. He is a pleasure to interact with. Photography was a top priority for us and we shopped way way ahead. We had our pick of the best of Vancouver and met with several of the best-known, award-winningest wedding photographers in the city. In the end, Jonathan came out as our first choice.