What medium do you use?
Mostly film. I use professional black and white film as well as color film. 

Why do you photograph with film?
Film has a look that is very unique and it very much matches my style of vision and my photography. I also get to use some cool cameras! 

How much do you photograph in black and white?
Approximately 50-80% of the photographs will be in black and white. I use color for formal portraits mostly and will occasionally use it sporadically throughout the wedding day. Black and white is how I photograph for a majority of the time.

Why do you photograph mainly in black and white?
Black and white photographs fits my photographic style best. Specifically, I use black and white film (like Ilford HP5) to get a certain feel to my images. Black and white is not just the absence of color; it’s a different way of looking at a scene :)

What is your end product?
There is nothing like a set of real prints to look back on to recollect your wedding day. Having a print in your hand is a tangible experience that is very different from looking at images on a desktop or a mobile device. When we meet up, ask me to show you a set of prints I’ve produced for other weddings I’ve done so you can see for yourself!
So, that said, my end product is:

  • A set of 4x6 prints of “Photographer Favorites”
  • USB key with JPEGs of edited photographs.
  • Album options are available too!

Do you provide all the photographs you take on the day? 
I feel it is important to provide you the best of my work and so I only provide the final edited set. 

How many photographs can I expect? 
Depending on the events of the day and hours booked, I usually provide around 150-300 or so photographs. Keep in mind that 300 photographs are about a 4 inch stack of prints! That’s a lot of prints!

Do you take any formal photographs?
While my focus is to be a documentary photographer during a wedding day, it's always nice to have a few formal photographs! I will work with you to figure out a schedule for them and get you back to your friends and family as soon we can. 

Typically, after the ceremony, I will take a few group photographs (bride’s family, groom’s family, bridal party, etc.) and then take the bride and groom and wedding party for a little while for a few on their own usually just for a short while.
If you are looking for a photographer who will spend most of the day taking mostly posed photographs, you may want to consider another photographer and I can provide you with some of my photographer contacts if interested.

How do your engagement and portrait sessions work?
In terms of engagement and portrait sessions, I do a bit of directing and usually offer a few suggestions but try my best to let you folks be yourselves. I try to structure engagement sessions as if you were going on a normal date, except you’ll have a photographer following you around! 

Do you take close-up ring shots and flower shots?
Not often. I try to include them as elements of the day. My main focus is to document people and the events.