I'm addicted to reflective surfaces as they make for great selfies.

I'm addicted to reflective surfaces as they make for great selfies.

If your search for a wedding photographer feels like an endless, scrolling jumble of forgettable photographs that fade into one after another, I can rescue you from that sea of sameness. 

I’m Jonathan Desmond, and I document life and love stories through the wonder of photography. I do that in two ways:

1.  I let you be you, unscripted.

No shot lists to get in the way of documenting the reality of your wedding. No need for you to worry about anything except celebrating! Your job is to do whatever comes naturally and enjoy yourself; my job is to make sure that there are photos to show you that you did.

Because the story of your life is written not only in the big moments, but also in the in-betweens and the seemingly unimportant fragments.

You know the photo. The one at your friend’s house that makes you stop and stare, and smile. It’s perfectly them. In the moment. In love with each other. And you want an image like that of you. My specialty is capturing stolen glances, unexpected laughter, the touch of a hand, and real emotion. My deepest desire is that you look back in 25 years (and all the years in between) and relive the magic of who you were at that very moment. 

2. I make photographs that are unique to you.

You’re not exactly like anyone else—why should your photographs make you look like you are? In the history of all the weddings in all the world, no two have ever been exactly the same. What you create in your togetherness is picture perfect, and I’ll show you just how gallery-worthy you are.

Because how you interact with each other and your loved ones is the most irreplaceable thing about who you are together—especially when you’re not looking at the camera.

Authenticity matters. Art matters. It’s why you want a portrait to hang on your wall that shows a moment that you couldn’t have scripted even if you’d tried. Something that speaks directly to your heart, takes you back to that very second. And it’s not everyone standing in a line up, smiling awkwardly at the camera.

All you have to do is be your genuine selves; I provide the technical and emotional know-how to deliver photographs that show not just what your wedding looked like, but what it felt like. 

Your wedding is the first chapter of the rest of your lives, and I can help you write the details of your story so that you’ll never forget.

I believe: 

·      The moments of your life are pure art.

·      Real life is perfectly imperfect and perfectly beautiful.

·      Entire stories happen in an instant.

·      That posed photographs are important, but that unscripted moments are the crème de la crème of any wedding

·      Black and white photography is timeless.

·      A photograph isn’t complete until it’s printed; holding an image is as intimate as holding your partner’s hand.

·      A candid photograph can take your breath away.

·      Film brings a sense of art and craftsmanship to a photograph that digital can’t.

·      In-person meetings and good conversation are becoming lost to emails and texting — and I want to change that.

I am: 

·      A storyteller

·      A problem solver

·      A quick-thinker

·      Detail-oriented

·      Innovative

·      An open communicator

·      Flexible

·      Creative

·      Spontaneous

·      Keen to improvise (learned from years as a jazz pianist)

·      An incurable romantic (La La Land makes me want to take dance lessons)

·      A kid at heart (Pixar fanboy!)

·      An adventurer (exploring off-the-beaten-track areas of a place makes me giddy)

·      More into National Geographic and The New York Times than perfectly posed, glossy magazines and Pinterest boards

My story:

 Staring off into the distance... or something.

Staring off into the distance... or something.

In 2007, I volunteered to photograph a friend's wedding. As I was looking through the images, I saw the one that made me know that this is what I wanted to do. It was candid. It was real. It was classic. And that moment would never happen exactly like that again. It was what I had hoped to see in my own wedding photos — and I wanted to give that to others.

Since then, I’ve learned that street photography and wedding photography are similar in that the best photos stem from being aware and watching for the story to unfold. I’ve been challenged with photographing large groups in small rooms, and found the solution in climbing a ladder and photographing them from above (and it was one of the bride’s favourite photos!). I’ve found that when it seems the moment’s over, to wait — because that’s when the magic happens. 

I’ve worked with dozens of brides and grooms and continue to hone in on the unexpected, looking for the moments that are emotional and meaningful. I don’t simply photograph the exchanges between you that happen in an instant; I document the emotion behind them

Photography trends and fads come and go. But quality, emotional photography will always remind you of exactly who you were at that moment in time. And you should never forget that.


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