Nick and Dayna (and baby Stefan) Engagement Photoshoot

Sorry for not blogging in a while. It has been incredibly easy here at Jonathan Desmond Photography. The Summer wedding season really picked up and every week or so has been at least one or two assignments... not that I'm complaining but it's definitely wedding season!!! 

Trying to create a documentary style out of a more-posed engagement shoot is kind of tough. In the midst of all the static poses, I try to find the little moments in-between. At times, I've found myself telling couples to just talk to each other while I photograph them walking, sitting and holding each other and watching and waiting while I patiently observe their interactions and react when a moment arises: a laugh, a smile, etc. 

Even "posed" photographs can be natural.

I will be photographing Nick and Dayna's wedding in the next few weeks and am uber excited to blog about it soon enough. In the meanwhile, here's their engagement shoot with their baby Stefan. :) Nick and Dayna (and even Stefan) were so natural that I felt like I didn't really have to do much other than direct and wait for those moments :) Love it!