Danielle and Stephen: 5 Years Of Marriage

Alongside with a documentary photosession in their home, Danielle and Stephen allowed me and my wife to photograph them at the lovely Whytecliff Park. On the day of the photoshoot, I recall looking out the window and seeing it rain slightly, only to be followed later by slight down-pour, followed by letting up with a bit of sun, followed by another down-pour (this IS Vancouver we're talking about)! However, thank God it all worked out as the rain stopped JUST as I was pulling out my cameras and Danielle and Stephen were getting out of the car.

Whytecliff Park has some amazing views and some great walking areas (albeit it was sometimes quite rocky and at times also slippery). We meandered our way through a trail and stopped to take a few photographs of them. At times, though, I let them take time to just be with each other and enjoy the moment. You see, Danielle and Stephen were on the verge of celebrating their  5 year anniversary.

Danielle and Stephen agreed to record some audio in an interview style, which accompany the photographs below. You'll hear them talk about advice for newly engaged couples, marriage advice and how the photoshoot was for them.

It's really amazing to still see the love even after 5 years of marriage! Thank you Danielle and Stephen for sharing a bit of your life with us!