Prints from the Print Shop of Tomasz Wagner

I'm a huge fan of great prints and presenting prints to my clients. It's been too many times I've seen many fantastic photographs taken with fantastic cameras and lenses with huge megapixels only to be viewed on tiny 3" phone screens and never seen again (mind you, I like my Instagram and Facebook as much as the next guy but seriously, there's nothing like an actual well-printed photograph in your hand).

I've been working with my buddy Tomasz Wagner (, who has provided me with some prints for my clients and also for personal work and honestly... this slideshow below that I've compiled does not show the amazing gift that is a good print created with an printing artist's eye.

Tomasz really cares about his print work and it shows when I unpack them from the envelope or wrapping and look at the results. The heavier paper he uses soaks up ink better than your standard photo paper and the colors and tones just pop. Photos also look very sharp and the paper used has a fine texture to it, which I love. I really appreciate matte paper as it doesn't provide that light reflection and Tomasz uses some great matte paper and it shows. 

I'll say it again and again: There's nothing like having an actual print in your hand. It's like the work suddenly becomes real. And Tomasz Wagner's prints take that "real" and make it into "awesome quality real". 

So overall? Fantastic. 5 out of 5. If I'm going to make prints, I'm going to make them right. Tomasz's print work is awesome so I'll be printing quite a bit from him for sure.

Surprise! My cat makes an appearance :) hehe