Photographing for Dynamite

Wait, what?? Event photography? For Dynamite?


Before I knew it, there I was in the midst of the store, taking photographers of bloggers, Youtubers, Dynamite staff and a Fall fashion lineup of clothing. This was not my usual project but I thought it would be neat to have a go at it. Dynamite (the clothing store) was having a VIP event and I was in the midst of it all creating photographs.

This is not my usual thing. As you know, my focus is on documentary wedding photography, natural light, Chinatown projects, "Day In The Life Sessions", etc. Every now and then, though, an opportunity comes along to try something new and so I said yes to this dress(es) and decided to bring my eye, my approach and style to it. Being in the midst of something new meant I had to reset my mentality of my own photography and, you know........ that's totally fine. It gave me a chance to try to blend my documentary approach with this event and make some awesome photographs for bloggers and the media to use. More importantly, I got to get an inside glimpse into the world of fashion and meet some really cool people (staff and attendees alike).

Shout out to all I got to briefly meet that day! #iamdynamite.

If you'd like to see more photographs, Boyu Ba has posted a number of the photographs in her blog post about the event: Dynamite VIP Event.

In the meanwhile, here are some of my personal favorites.